Adhesives, Bandages, Dressings & Sponges

Adhesives Bandages Dressings Sponges Other Bandages

Ambulatory Aids

Ambulatory Frames Canes Crutches Grab Bars Walkers Wheelchairs Wheelchair Parts

Antimicrobials, Disinfectants, & Scrubs



Audiometers Ear Probe Tips Tuning Forks


Blood Cell Washers/Processors Other Autotransfusion

Blood Bank

Reagents Supplies View Boxes, Rh Typing Viewers, Agglutination


Cardiotomy Reservoirs Cardioplegia Detectors, Ultrasonic Fetal Heart Detectors Heart-Lung Bypass Supplies Resuscitators Stethoscopes Other Cardiology/Cardiovascular

Catheters, Diagnostic & Therapeutic

Anesthesia/Bronchial/Thoracic Cardiovascular Catheters Cerebrospinal Catheters Endoscopic Catheters Gastrointestinal Catheters Gynecological Catheters Transtracheal Oxygen Other Diag & Therapeutic Caths Unclassified - Caths

Clinical Chemistry

Calibrators/Standards Quality Control Reagents Other Clin.Chemistry Supplies Clinical Chemistry Analyzers Electrolyte Analyzers Instrument Parts Other Instrument Parts


Reagents Other Cytology/Histology Dissecting Instruments, Lab Microtome Knives

Dialysis, Renal

Catheters & Kits Dialysate Hemodialysis Peritoneal Dialysis Other Renal Dialysis Supplies


Biofeedback Systems Cables/Leads Defibrillators Electroanalgesic Units, TENS Electrocardiographs Electrodes Holter Oximeters Pouches, Telemetry Physiologic Monitoring Systems Sensors Stimulator Stress Exercise ECG Systems Other Electromedical


Instruments/Accessories Unit Supplies Units Other Electrosurgical

Emergency Medical

Emergency Kits Other Emergency Medicine


Angioscopes Anoscopes Colposcopes Dermatoscopes Gastroscopes Laparascopes Laryngoscopes Light Sources, Fiberoptic Ophthalmo/Otoscope Sets Ophthalmoscopes Otoscopes Proctoscopes Retinoscopes Rhinoscopes Sigmoidoscopes Camera Adapters Insufflation Obturators Power Supplies Sheaths Sphincterotomes Other Endoscopic Supplies

Enteral Feeding & Medical Nutritionals

Enteral Feeding Enteral Tube Feeding Formulae Med. Nutritionals/Supplements

General Laboratory

Balances/Scales Centrifuges Diluters/Dispensers Furniture Hoods Incubators Microscopes Mixers/Stirrers Refrigeration Water Purification Other Gen. Lab Equipment Glassware/Plasticware Pipetters Racks, Laboratory Other Gen. Lab Supplies


Autopsy Gloves Cut Resistant Gloves Dispensers Examination/Treatment Gloves Finger Cots Procedure/High Risk Gloves Surgical Gloves Utility Gloves Other Gloves

Hazardous Waste Control

Bracket, Sharps Laundry Bags,Infection Control. Red Bag Infectious Waste Ctrl Sharps Disposal Units Spill Kits Waste Recepticles,Contaminated Other Haz. Waste Ctrl Pdts.

Heat/Cold Therapy

Cold Therapy Heat Therapy Moist Therapy Warmers, Radiant Other Heat/Cold Therapy


Calibrators QC Hematology/Coagulation Reagents Other Hematology/Coagulation Coagulation Analyzer,Automated Hemacytometers Hematology Analyzers,Automated Hemoglobinometers Tabulators, Differential Cell Counting Other Coagulation Instr/Parts Other Hematology Instr/Parts


Alkalies/Sours Bleaches Cleansers Deodorizers Detergents Floor Care Furniture Polish Garbage Liners Refuse Containers Stain Removers Supplies Other


Reagents Other Immun. Reagents/Supplies

Implants, Devices & Grafts

Grafts Implants

Incontinence Products

Clamps Briefs Diapers Fecal Control Kits Pants/Pads Undergarments Underpad Other Incontinence Products

Kits, Packs & Trays

Admission Amniocentesis Anesthesia Angiographic Arthroscopy Aspiration Procedure Baby Care Basic Surgical Biopsy Burn Cardio/Vascular Catheter Cardiology/Vascular Procedure Circumcision Cystoscopy Dental/Oral Surgery Dressing Change ENT Procedure Extremity Gastric Analysis Gastrointestinal Procedure Heart/Lung Hernia Incision and Drainage Irrigation IV Start Laceration Laparoscopic Endoscopy Laparoscopy Laparotomy Lithotomy Lumbar Puncture Maternity Medicine Neurological Obstetrics/Gynecology Ophthalmic Orthopedic Personal Protection PIC Catheter Plastic Surgery Podiatry Prep Procedure Respiratory Sampling Skin Scrub Staple Remover Suction Suture Suture Removal Tracheostomy Care Tracheotomy Transplantation Trauma Urine Collection Urological Procedure Wound Care Wound Drainage Other Kits Unclassified - Kits Admission Amniocentesis Anesthesia Angiographic Arthroscopy Aspiration Procedure Baby Care Basic Surgical Biopsy Burn Cardio/Vascular Catheter Cardiology/Vascular Procedure Cystoscopy Dental/Oral Surgery Dressing Change ENT Procedure Extremity Heart/Lung Incision and Drainage Irrigation IV Start Laceration Laparoscopic Endoscopy Laparoscopy Laparotomy Lumbar Puncture Maternity Medicine Neurological Obstetrics/Gynecology Ophthalmic Orthopedic Personal Protection Prep Procedure Sampling Skin Scrub Staple Remover Suction Suture Suture Removal Tracheostomy Care Tracheotomy Urine Collection Urological Wound Care Admission Anesthesia Angiographic Arthroscopy Baby Care Basic Surgical Biopsy Cardio/Vascular Catheter Cardiology/Vascular Procedure Cystoscopy ENT Procedure Extremity Gastrointestinal Procedure Heart/Lung Hernia Laparoscopic Endoscopy Laparoscopy Laparotomy Lithotomy Neurological Obstetrics/Gynecology Ophthalmic Orthopedic Plastic Surgery Podiatry Procedure Transplantation Trauma Urological Other Kits

Life Science Biotech

Chemicals Reagents Equipment Supplies


Facemasks Nonsurgical Staff Masks Surgical Masks Other Masks

Medical Surgical Products - Durable

Beds Cabinets Carts Chairs Containers Floor Mats Fountains, Face/Eye Wash Hamper Stands Hampers Identification Tags Intravenous Poles Kick Buckets Laminaria Tents Lights, Examination Lights, Surgical Medical Chart Scales Screens, Privacy Stools Stretchers Tables Timers Training Aids

Medical Surgical Products - Nondurable

Batteries Charts/Models Cytology Scrapers Lubricants, Instrument Lubricating Jellies Medical Bags Penlights Pill Crushers/Splitters Reclosable Bags Safety Pins Specimen Containers Swabs Tape Measure Tongue Depressors Tubing

Metal/Plastic/Paper Products

Aids to Daily Living Basins Bath, Sitz Bedpans Bottles, Medical Bowls, Medical Bowls, Plates Food Carafes/Pitchers Commodes Cover/Lids Cups, Patient Dispensers, Alcohol Exam Table Headrest Covers Exam Table Paper Jars, Medical Napkins, Paper Paper Bags Straws, Drinking Tissues Toilet Paper Towelling, Paper Trays, Food Urinals Utensils, Dietary Wipes Other Metal/Plast/Paper Supp.


Automated Microbiology Systems Collection and Transport Culture Media Identification/Susceptibility Testing Reagents/Tests Miscellaneous Microbiology Microbiology Systems,Automated Other Microbiology Instr/Equip

Miscellaneous Testing

Glucose Tolerance Test Sol. Proficiency Testing

Needles & Syringes

Needles Syringes Syringes with Needles Other Needles & Syr / Access.

Nonpublished Products

Accessories/Parts Computers/Supplies/Services Dental Products Food Products & Supplies Furniture Office Products PT Monitor/Diagnosis/Treatment Radiological Rx/OTC/HBA Vaccines & Immunizing Agents Veterinary Other Nonpublished Products


Eyeglasses Lenses Tonometers Other Ophthalmic

Orthopedic Supplies

Cast Products Cast Protectors Cement Implantation Instruments Irrigation, Arthroscopic Other Orthopedic Supplies


Adhesives Ileostomy Appliance Kits Irrigation Supplies Pouches Urostomy Wafers Other Ostomy


Administration Sets Other IV Admin Devices Infusors, Ambulatory Intermittent Devices Intravenous Catheters Intravenous Needles Other IV Needles & Devices Other Parenteral Supplies Pheresis

Patient Care, Medical

Alarms Bags Droppers Enema Identification Penile Vacuum Devices Pressure Relief Products Thermometer/Supplies Thermometers, Electronic

Patient Care, Personal

Condoms Diaphragm, Cervical Douche Products Ear Plugs Ear Wicks Maternity Pants Mouthwash Patient Bags, Personal Pessaries Pumps, Breast Razors, Personal Sanitary Belts Sanitary/OB Pads Tampons Toothbrushes

Patient Restraints & Supports

Arm Boards & Accessories Binders Brassieres Collars, Cervical Cushions Immobilizers Lifts/Slings Orthoses/Splints/Supports Positioning Aids Protectors Restraints Slings Straps Traction Supplies Trusses Other Restraints & Supports

Pediatric Supplies

Bottles, Infant Nursing Infant Scale Liners Nipples, Nursing Bottle Pacifiers, Infant, Oral

Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation

Balance Beams Exercise Balls Exericise Bands/Putty Baths Continuous Passive Motion Dynamometers Ergometers Exercise Mats Exercise Stairs Exercisers Goniometers Lights, Infrared Massagers Mirors, Posture Parallel Bars Ultrasound Units Other Phys. Medicine/Rehab

Point of Care

Clinical Chemistry Hematology/Coagulation Occult Blood Testing Breath Alcohol Analyzers Coagulation Analyzer Glucose Meters Hematology Analyzers Multi-Analyte Analyzers Other POC Instr/Equip

Pressure Monitoring

Cuffs: Pressure Monitoring Sphygmomanometers Tourniquets Transducer Transducer Accessories Other Pressure Monitoring


Densitometers Diagnostic Imaging Agents Manifolds Markers Probe Covers Probes, Ultrasonic Video Imaging Supplies X-ray Film X-ray Supplies


Airways Anesthesia Unit Supplies Atomizers Breathing Bags & Circuits Calibrators Cannulae Drainage Systems Esophageal Stethoscopes Esophageal Steth. w/Temp Probe Humidifiers Inhalation Therapy Masks Nebulizer Oxygen Concentrators Percussors Resuscitation Solutions, Nonmedicated Spirometers Suction Devices Tents Tracheal Tubes Tracheostomy Traps Tubing Ventilators Other Respiratory

Safety Products

Eyewear Masks Residual Chemical Indicators Surgical Helmets Other Safety Products

Skin Care

Adhesive Tape Removers Anesthetic Creams Antibacterial Ointments Antifungal Ointments Bath Additives Incontinent Ointments/Barriers Moisturizers/Lotions/Creams Oil, Body Skin Cleansers Skin Protectants Other Skin Care


Bar Soap Body Wash/Shampoo - No Rinse Body Wash/Shampoo - Routine Liquid Hand Soaps Liquid Hand Soaps-No Rinse Powders/Pastes - Medicated Powders/Pastes - Nonmedicated Wash Kits Other Soaps/Shampoos/Powders


Amino Acids Dextrose Dextrose w/Additives Drugs Electrolytes Fat Emulsions Irrigating Solutions Mannitol Ringers/Lactated Ringers Sodium Chloride Water, Sterile Other Solutions

Specimen Collection

Blood Collection Spec. Mailers, Lab Testing Urine Collection

Sterilizer Supplies & Products

Sterilants Sterilization Proc. Indicators Sterilizing Units Ultrasonic Instr. Cleaning Sys Wrappers, Sterility Other Sterilizer Supplies

Surgical Instruments & Devices

Adenotomes Amniotomes Applicators, Surgical Aspirators Awls Balloons, Nasal Biopsy Gun Bite Blocks Blades Bougies Brushes Burs Calipers Cannulae Chisels Clamps Clip, Appliers Clips Conformers, Ophthalmic Counters Crimpers Cryosurgical Cryosurgical Units Curets Cutters Cystomes Cystotome Dermatomes Dilators Dissectors Drains Drills Elevators Excavators Extractors Files Forceps Gags Gouges Guides Hammers Head Mirrors Headlights Hemostatic Media Hooks Kerotomes Knife Knives Ligators Loops Loupes Magnifiers Mallets Markers Mirrors Nail Splitter Nippers Obturators Occluders Osteotomes Perforators Picks Pins Pinwheels Plates Probes Punches Rasps Razors, Skin Prep Retainers, Visceral Retractors Retrieval Baskets Rongeurs Saws Scissors Scoops Screws Searchers Separators Snares Sounds Spatulas Specula Spreaders Spuds, Eye Strippers Stylets Suction Devices Tamper, Orthopedic Tenacula Trephines Trocars Tunnelers Tweezers Wires Other Surgical Instr. & Devices

Tubes, Medical: Surgical Instruments

Colon Tubes Drainage Tubes Extraction Tubes Gastrointestinal Tubes Gastrointestinal Decomp. Tubes Laryngectomy Tubes Nasogastric Tubes Nephrostomy Tubes Rectal Tubes Stomach Evacuator Tubes


Reagents Other Urinalysis Urine Analyzers, Automated Urine Analyzers,Semi-Automated Urinometers Other Urinalysis Instr/Parts


Catheters Urinary Catheterization Kits Urinary Collection Bags/Units Other Urological Products

Wound Care

Alginates Burn Dressings Cleansers Collagen Composites Compression Therapy Contact Layers Foams Hydrocolloids Hydrogels Impregnated Pastes/Powders/Beads/Granules Pressure Bandages Silver/Active Dressings Skin Substrates Transparent Film Dressings Other Wound Care Endosurgical Accessories Instruments Occluding Clips, Implantable Stapling, Skin Stapling.Internal Other Staples & Endosurgery Endosuture Needled - Absorbable Needled-Nonabsorbable Nonneedled-Absorbable Nonneedled-Nonabsorbable Other Suture Wound Closure Unclassified - Wound Sutures

Woven & Nonwoven Goods

Apparel Apparel, Staff Bedding Compression Support Covers Curtains Drapes/Sheets Laundry Bags Liners & Protectors Shields Stockinettes Surgical Towelling Other Woven & Nonwoven Goods

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